Role Playa

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Role Playa
Role Playa1.jpg
The label from the US Tigerbeat6 pressing
EP by Cex
Released 2000 (U.K.) (U.S.)
Genre IDM
Length 33:19
Label 555 Recordings/Tigerbeat6
Cex chronology
Get Your Badass On EP
(2000)Get Your Badass On EP2000
Role Playa
Starship Galactica
(2001)Starship Galactica2001
Alternate Pressing Label
The label from the UK 555 Recordings pressing
The label from the UK 555 Recordings pressing

Role Playa is an EP by Cex, recorded and released in 2000 on both 555 Recordings and Tigerbeat6. It was released as 12" in two pressings (see Trivia).

Track listing[edit]

Side A[edit]

  1. I Identify
  2. What's Outside Your Window? More Windows
  3. Wall Street Kid
  4. Am I Soundboy

Side B[edit]

  1. Love Cop
  2. Have Cex
  3. Rjyan Kidwell's Funeral