Roma-Ostia Half Marathon

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Roma-Ostia Half Marathon
Roma - EUR - Obelisco EUR.jpg
A view of Via Cristoforo Colombo, where the race begins
LocationRome, Italy
Event typeRoad
DistanceHalf marathon
Course records58:44 (M), 1:06:38 (W)
Official siteRoma Ostia

The Roma-Ostia Half Marathon (Italian: Roma Ostia Mezza Maratona or Italian: Maratonina Roma-Ostia)[1] is an annual half marathon road running event which takes place in late February in Rome, Italy. The course begins in the EUR district of the city and follows a direct south-easterly route to the finish point near the beaches of Ostia.[2] It is Italy's most popular half marathon, with a record 12,000 entries and 9,485 finishers in 2011.[3]

The competition is organised by the Gruppo Sportivo Bancari Romani and comprises three distinct races. There is an elite level race for male and female athletes, a popular fun run for amateurs, and a "Business Run" which sees teams of runners represent domestic companies in the Campionato Italian Imprenditori di Mezza Maratona (Italian Business Championships in the Half Marathon).[4] The Roma-Ostia race has been held every year since its inception, with the exceptions of 1982 and 1999.[5]

The race was inaugurated in March 1974 and was held on a 28-kilometre course. In its first dozen editions, the Roma-Ostia ranged from a distance of 27 km to 30 km. It was converted into an official half marathon race of 21.1 km for the 1987 edition and has remained so ever since. The course has a point-to-point format and as a result it some editions have had an overall downhill drop, as well as athlete-assisting tailwinds. Due to these factors, some performances have been ineligible for personal bests or records.[5]

In 2011 the course was significantly altered, allowing for faster times and record performances.[3][6] Both the men's and women's course records were set in 2012. Philemon Kimeli Limo's time of 59:32 minutes stands as the men's course record, while Florence Kiplagat's run of 1:06:38 is the current record for females.[7]

Past winners of the elite race include Stefano Baldini (the 2004 Olympic marathon champion), four-time Boston Marathon winner Robert Kipkoech Cheruiyot, Franca Fiacconi (1998 New York Marathon winner) and Mediterranean champion Souad Aït Salem.[5]

Past winners[edit]

Welshman Steve Jones was among the first foreign-born winners of the Roma-Ostia.
Robert Kipkoech Cheruiyot of Kenya won the 2002 race.
Nadia Ejjafini (then representing Bahrain) became Asia's first winner in 2006.

Key:   Course record   Race distance 27–30 km

Edition Year Men's winner Time (h:m:s) Women's winner Time (h:m:s)
I 1974  Umberto Risi (ITA) 1:28:54  Manuela Mausoli (ITA) 2:05:59
II 1975  Paolo Accaputo (ITA) 1:29:46  Maria Pirozzi (ITA) 2:07:23
III 1976  Alessandro Cervigni (ITA) 1:27:55  Adriana Pedaletti (ITA) 2:06:43
IV 1977  Antonio Erotavo (ITA) 1:27:42  Adriana Pedaletti (ITA) 2:05:38
V 1978  Umberto Risi (ITA) 1:31:47  Chiara Castellani (ITA) 2:07:17
VI 1979  Marco Marchei (ITA) 1:27:10  Maura Bertetto (ITA) 2:07:55
VII 1980  Marco Marchei (ITA) 1:34:01  Rossana Matrella (ITA) 2:11:46
VIII 1981  Dereje Nedi (ETH) 1:21:20  Silvana Cruciata (ITA) 1:42:06
1982 Cancelled
IX 1983  Bernard Ford (GBR) 1:24:30  Rita Marchisio (ITA) 1:38:53
X 1984  Salvatore Nicosia (ITA) 1:25:04  Silvana Cruciata (ITA) 1:40:56
XI 1985  Steve Jones (GBR) 1:26:25  Maria Curatolo (ITA) 1:43:13
XII 1986  Loris Pimazzoni (ITA) 1:34:13  Angie Pain (GBR) 1:50:13
XIII 1987  Salvatore Nicosia (ITA) 1:02:12  Silvana Cucchietti (ITA) 1:14:32
XIV 1988  El Mostafa Nechchadi (MAR) 1:04:32  Glynis Penny (GBR) 1:15:02
XV 1989  Carl Thackery (GBR) 1:02:10  Graziella Striuli (ITA) 1:14:35
XVI 1990  Carl Thackery (GBR) 1:01:44  Rakiya Maraoui (MAR) 1:14:56
XVII 1991  Juma Mnyampanda (TAN) 1:02:34  Izabela Zatorska (POL) 1:13:02
XVIII 1992  Andrew Masai (KEN) 1:02:18  Anna Villani (ITA) 1:12:12
XIX 1993  Andrew Masai (KEN) 1:02:23  Anna Villani (ITA) 1:12:34
XX 1994  Saïd Ermili (MAR) 1:02:27  Tatiana Oussacheva (RUS) 1:14:59
XXI 1995  Giovanni Ruggiero (ITA) 1:02:53  Rosanna Munerotto (ITA) 1:11:36
XXII 1996  Philemon Metto (KEN) 1:01:53  Patrizia Ritondo (ITA) 1:13:07
XXIII 1997  Stefano Baldini (ITA) 1:00:56  Rosanna Munerotto (ITA) 1:12:50
XXIV 1998  Philip Chirchir (KEN) 1:02:23  Franca Fiacconi (ITA) 1:13:19
1999 Not held
XXV 2000  Francesco Ingargiola (ITA) 1:01:19  Maura Viceconte (ITA) 1:11:07
XXVI 2001  Giuliano Battocletti (ITA) 1:02:24  Tiziana Alagia (ITA) 1:11:29
XXVII 2002  Robert Cheruiyot (KEN) 1:00:06  Gloria Marconi (ITA) 1:11:31
XXVIII 2003  Boniface Usisivu (KEN) 1:01:13  Gloria Marconi (ITA) 1:09:25
XXIX 2004  Paul Kirui (KEN) 1:00:22  Hafida Izem (MAR) 1:10:39
XXX 2005  James Kwambai (KEN) 1:00:45  Rosaria Console (ITA) 1:09:34
XXXI 2006  William Rotich (KEN) 1:00:12  Nadia Ejjafini (BHR) 1:10:43
XXXII 2007  Benson Barus (KEN) 1:00:18  Souad Aït Salem (ALG) 1:10:29
XXXIII 2008  Jonathan Kipkorir (KEN) 1:00:19  Souad Aït Salem (ALG) 1:09:15
XXXIV 2009  Elijah Keitany (KEN) 1:00:59  Anna Incerti (ITA) 1:09:24
XXXV 2010  Peter Kimeli (KEN) 1:01:51  Alice Timbilil (KEN) 1:10:34
XXXVI 2011  Tujuba Megersa (ETH) 59:58  Anna Incerti (ITA) 1:09:06
XXXVII 2012  Philemon Limo (KEN) 59:32[8]  Florence Kiplagat (KEN) 1:06:38
XXXVIII 2013  Wilson Kiprop (KEN) 59:15[9]  Flomena Cheyech (KEN) 1:07:39
XXXIX 2014  Aziz Lahbabi (MAR) 59:25[10]  Caroline Chepkwony (KEN) 1:08:48
XL 2015  Robert Chemosin (KEN) 59:37[11]  Amane Beriso (ETH) 1:08:43
XLI 2016  Solomon Yego (KEN) 58:44  Worknesh Degefa (ETH) 1:07:08
XLII 2017  Guye Adola (ETH) 59:18  Gladys Cherono (KEN) 1:07:01
XLIII 2018  Galen Rupp (USA) 59:47  Haftamnesh Tesfay (ETH) 1:09:02


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