Roman Balleza

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Roman X
Birth name Roman Balleza
Also known as Roman X
Born (1984-03-18) March 18, 1984 (age 33)
Origin Mexico City,Mexico
Genres Pop, electronic, hip hop, rock,
Occupation(s) Record producer, songwriter, dj, multi-instrumentalist, label owner
Instruments Guitar, drums, piano, keyboards,
Years active 2005–present
Labels Rockystronic,
Associated acts Christopher Von Uckermann, ,

Roman Balleza (born March 18, 1984), better known as Roman X, is a Los Angeles–based songwriter, producer, musician, and DJ. He and Dan Vikta make up the record production duo Rockystronic, producing pop, hip hop, rock and electronic music.


Original songs and production[edit]

The duo debuted in 2010 co-writing and co-producing on Christopher Von Uckermann's album Somos debuting at #5 on iTunes Latin Charts. With Christopher the team wrote/produced the songs Situación Perfecta and Imaginación and produced the song Mente Mayor written by Christopher Uckermann. "Situación Perfecta" was mixed by 11 time Grammy award winner engineer Rafa Sardina

Current projects[edit]

Roman X and Dan Vikta are working with singer/songwriter Ramez Iskander on his debut album.

Other projects[edit]

Tahkus is an electropop band formed by Roman X, Dan Vikta and artist Tahkus Ekedal.

Roman currently DJs electro, progressive, dubstep and house music. He uses synthesizers, samplers, drum machines, music sequencers and controllers to create live remixes of well known songs and original material.

Studio Rockistronic[edit]

Roman X and Dan Vikta own a recording studio based in a loft in Downtown Los Angeles.



From Christopher Von Uckermann Somos

  • "Situación Perfecta" co-written/co-produced.
  • "Imaginación" co-written/co-produced.
  • "Mente Mayor" co-produced.


Rockisrtonic's songs

  • "Rebel Yell (Bootleg Remix)"
  • "Wishing"
  • "Separation ( with Thakus )"
  • "Wobblegum I"
  • "Wobblegum II"
  • "Wobblegum III"
  • "Wobblegum IV"
  • "Wobblegum V"
  • "Rockistronic DH1"
  • "Rockistronic DH2"
  • "Popstep I"
  • "Popstep II"
  • "Popstep III"