Roman Catholic Diocese of Sekondi–Takoradi

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{{Infobox diocese |jurisdiction = Diocese |name = Sekondi–Takoradi |latin = Dioecesis Sekondiensis-Takoradiensis |country = Ghana |metropolitan = Cape Coast |rite = Latin Rite |area_km2 = 12,681 |population = 1,674,792 |population_as_of = 2004 |catholics = 270,923 |catholics_percent= 16.2 |pope = Francis |bishop = [Bishop] John Bonaventure Kwofie, C.S.Sp

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Sekondi–Takoradi (Latin: Sekondien(sis)–Takoradien(sis)) is a diocese located in the city of Sekondi-Takoradi in the Ecclesiastical province of Cape Coast in Ghana.


  • November 20, 1969: Established as Diocese of Sekondi–Takoradi from the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Cape Coast

Special churches[edit]

The Cathedral is Our Lady Star of the Sea Cathedral in Takoradi. The Pro-Cathedral is St. Paul’s Pro-Cathedral in Sekondi.


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Coordinates: 4°54′06″N 1°45′20″W / 4.9018°N 1.7556°W / 4.9018; -1.7556