Roman Catholic Diocese of Zé Doca

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Diocese of Zé Doca
Dioecesis Zedocanus
Country Brazil
Ecclesiastical province São Luís do Maranhão
Area 40,000 km2 (15,000 sq mi)
- Total
- Catholics
(as of 2004)
260,000 (91.2%)
Rite Latin Rite
Established 16 October 1961 (55 years ago)
Cathedral Catedral Santo Antônio de Pádua
Current leadership
Pope Francis
Bishop Carlo Ellena

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Zé Doca (Latin: Dioecesis Zedocanus) is a diocese located in the city of Zé Doca in the Ecclesiastical province of São Luís do Maranhão in Brazil.


  • 16 October 1961: Established as Territorial Prelature of Cândido Mendes from the Territorial Prelature of Pinheiro
  • 13 October 1983: Promoted as Diocese of Cândido Mendes
  • 5 July 1991: Renamed as Diocese of Zé Doca


  • Bishops of Zé Doca (Roman rite)
    • Bishop Jan Kot (2014.07.23-present)
    • Bishop Carlo Ellena (2004.02.18 – 2014.07.23)
    • Bishop Walmir Alberto Valle, I.M.C. (1985.11.05 – 2002.11.06)
  • Bishops of Cândido Mendes (Roman Rite)
  • Prelates of Cândido Mendes (Roman Rite)
    • Bishop Guido Maria Casullo (1965.12.20 – 1983.10.13)