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The Catholic Church in Ecuador has 15 dioceses, four archdioceses and 11 dioceses, set into four ecclesiastical provinces; each province is headed by an archbishop. There are also eight Vicariate Apostolic and one Military Ordinariate in Ecuador.[1] The boundaries of the provinces of Ecuador are usually used to determine the boundaries of most territorial dioceses. The Primate of Ecuador is Fausto Trávez Trávez, the Archbishop of Quito.[2]

List of dioceses[edit]

The following is a list of Roman Catholic dioceses in Ecuador:

Ecclesiastical province of Cuenca[edit]

Ecclesiastical province of Guayaquil[edit]

Ecclesiastical province of Portoviejo[edit]

Ecclesiastical province of Quito[edit]

Apostolic Vicariates[edit]

Military Ordinariate[edit]


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