Romantic Mode

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Romantic Mode
Also known as ROmantic Mode, RO-M
Origin Japan
Genres Pop, Dance, Electronic, Anime
Years active 1996 – 1999
Labels King Records (1996 – 1998)
Toshiba EMI (1999)
Members Akira Asakura (vocals)
Masaki Suzukawa (guitars/keyboards)
Joe Rinoie (keyboards/backup vocals)

Romantic Mode (stylized as ROMANTIC MODE) was a Japanese pop group that debuted in 1996 with their first single, "Dreams." The members are Akira Asakura (vocals), Masaki Suzukawa (guitars/keyboards), and Joe Rinoie (keyboards/backup vocals).

Their style is electronic pop.

Two of their songs, "DREAMS" and "Resolution," were used in the anime After War Gundam X as the first and second opening songs, respectively.

The group broke up soon after their last album was released in 1999. However, Akira Asakura continued as a solo artist initially under her birthname, Saori Saitoh, but reverted to her stagename in 2005.



  • 22 March 1996: DREAMS
  • 23 October 1996: Resolution
  • 21 February 1997: LIBERTY
  • 21 March 1997: Love Is The Destiny
  • 21 August 1997: Eien ga Owaru made Atsui KISS wo Shiyō (永遠が終わるまで熱いKISSをしよう)
  • 21 February 1998: Runner


  • 21 August 1996: ROmantic Mode [sic]
  • 21 December 1996: Vision of Love
  • 22 October 1997: Dimensions
  • 25 March 1999: romantic pleasures