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Romina Tejerina (b. in 1985 in San Pedro, Jujuy Province) is an Argentine woman who was sentenced on June 10, 2005 to 14 years in prison for the February 23, 2003 murder of her baby daughter. The baby was the product of sexual abuse that Tejerina allegedly suffered in August 2002, that she had been afraid to reveal. On February 23, 2003, she asked her sister to accompany her to the pharmacy, where she bought laxatives. When they returned to the house, Tejerina gave birth to a baby girl. With the help of her sister, she cut the baby's umbilical cord and placed her in a small box. A few minutes later, Tejerina attacked the baby with a kitchen knife. The baby died two days later in the hospital and Tejerina was arrested.[1][2][3]

Tejerina's alleged sexual abuse has not been proved, and she only claimed to have been abused when she was charged with the murder. Her alleged abuser was found not guilty, though it was revealed that he had consensual intercourse with her. As a result, there was no element to back her defendant arguments about her alleged mental condition at the time of the murders, and her sentence was confirmed. She was freed on 24 June 2012, after being sentenced to 14 years.[4]


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