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Ron is a shortening of the name Ronald.

Ron or RON may also refer to:

Arts and media[edit]




  • Ron (singer), Rosalino Cellamare (born 1953), Italian singer

Given name[edit]


  • Dana Ron (born 1964), Israeli computer scientist and professor
  • Elaine Ron (1943-2010), American epidemiologist
  • Emri Ron (1936–2013), Israeli politician
  • Ivo Ron (born 1967), Ecuadorian football player
  • Jason De Ron (born 1973), Australian musician
  • José Ron (born 1981), Mexican actor
  • Liat Ron, actress, dancer and dance instructor
  • Lior Ron (born 1982), Israeli-American film and trailer composer and musician
  • Michael Ron (born 1932), Israeli fencer
  • Michael Røn (born 1984), Danish-born Norwegian footballer
  • Moshe Ron (1925-2001), Israeli materials scientist
  • Pan Ron, Cambodian singer and songwriter
  • Ron Ron or Ronald White, American rapper and director
  • Yuval Ron, Israeli musician


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