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Ron Marchini (born March 4, 1945 in Stockton, California[1]) is an American karateka who, according to many martial artists, is one of the top karate tournament fighters of all time.[2]

Martial arts[edit]

Marchini is a member of the Black Belt Hall of Fame.[3] In 1967, Marchini won the Pacific Coast Tournament.[4] In 1969, Marchini was the number one ranked karate fighter in the United States.[3] Marchini won Henry Cho's Tournament of Champions in 1968.[5] According to Chuck Norris, Marchini was among the toughest opponents he ever faced.[2] Marchini was considered to be the best defensive fighter in karate from 1967 to 1970.[6] In 1972, Marchini was ranked the number 3 karate fighter in the United States.[7]

Personal life[edit]

Marchini was a soldier and drill sergeant in the United States Army.[1] Marchini worked as a martial arts tournament fighter, school owner, actor, and producer.[8] Marchini is the survivor of a drive-by shooting.[9]


Marchini is the author of several books, including Power Training in Kung-Fu and Karate, The Ultimate Art: Renbukai Volume 1, The Ultimate Art: Renbukai Volume 2, The Ultimate Art: Renbukai Volume 3, and The Ultimate Art: Renbukai Volume 4.[2] Marchini starred in the 1990 movie Omega Cop and its 1991 sequel Karate Cop[10] as well as the movie Death Machines.[11]


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