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The Rona Tranby Trust [1] is an Australian-based not-for-profit organisation established in September 1991 to support the recording and preservation of Indigenous Australian oral history. This includes the granting of Awards to Indigenous Australian elders, organisations and community groups.

Rona Tranby Trust projects are selected and grants awarded through the Rona Tranby Award & Collection. Between 1991 and 2012 the Rona Tranby Award & Collection has funded projects across Australia. The Rona Tranby Award & Collection is managed by Music & Opera Singers Trust Limited (MOST®).

Rona Tranby Award Recipients[edit]

Year Award Recipient Project
1992 The Western Heritage Group Yamakarra! Liza Kennedy and the Keewong Mob [2]
1994 Silvia Scott with Di Ritch and the Mac Silva Centre Stories of residents at the Mac Silva Centre [3]
1996 Kath Mills with Barbara Mills and Barbara Malarndirri McCarthy Interviewing Lily Kruger on Country Lily Kruger, with the Stolen Generation Litigation Unit of the North Australian Aboriginal Legal Aid Service, Northern Territory (Australia)
1998 Isabel Flick AM with Heather Goodall PhD Isabel Flick: the many lives of an extraordinary Aboriginal woman [4][5]
1998 Kevin Cook with Heather Goodall PhD Making Change Happen: Black & White activists talk to Kevin Cook about Aboriginal, Union & Liberation Politics [6]
2000 Older Women's Network (NSW) Aboriginal Support Network Steppin' Out and Speakin' Up: The Stories of 15 remarkable Aboriginal women [7]
2001 Northern Territory Archives Service with Francis Good Interviews with Anmatjere Elders Big Billy Woods, Ted Carter and Eric Panana
2002 Elverina Johnson Blow 'im: The Yarrabah Brass Band Story
2006 Beryl Carmichael, with Jennie Kerr The Footsteps of a Ngiyeempaa Elder [8][9]
2007 Max Dulumunmun Harrison, with Peter McConchie My People's Dreaming: An Aboriginal Elder speaks on life, land, spirit and forgiveness [10]
2008 Albert Williams with Julie Cracknell, Hetti Perkins and Nigel Parbury Once Upon a Long Ago: My life in the bush and the city [11]
2012 Yidumduma Bill Harney with Paul Taylor and the YDP Yubulyawan Dreaming Project: Indigenous wisdom of a Wardaman Elder


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