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Olympic medal record
Men's Boxing
Gold medal – first place 1920 Antwerp Heavyweight

Ronald Rawson Rawson[1] MC & Two Bars (17 June 1892 – 30 March 1952) was an English heavyweight professional boxer, who won a gold medal in Boxing at the 1920 Summer Olympics for Great Britain.

Amateur Boxing Career[edit]

He was the ABA Heavyweight Champion of Great Britain in 1920 and 1921.[2] In 1920 he won the Olympic Gold Medal in Antwerp in the heavyweight division (from 1920 to 1936 this was 79.38 kg/175 lb+), defeating Danish boxer Søren Petersen in the final.[3]

Although he only boxed as an Amateur, he did meet the professional boxer Jack Bloomfield in a "supposed 'exhibition' bout at a charity show at the Brighton Pavilion", where he suffered a knockout defeat in round three.[2]

Olympic results[edit]


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