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Ronald Rich is a British supporting player best known for his role as Hans, the personal bodyguard of Ernst Stavro Blofeld in the 1967 James Bond film, You Only Live Twice.


Rich has appeared twice in the Doctor Who episode The Time Meddler (1965), where he played 'Gunnar the Giant',a huge Viking warrior.[1] He also appeared in the Doctor Who episode Mission to the Unknown (also 1965).[2] Rich appeared in the Lance Percival Show (1965). He appeared in Doctor in Clover (1965) as a student doctor.[3] Other film appearances include Alfie (1966), alongside Michael Caine.

In You Only Live Twice (1967) Ronald Rich plays Hans, the huge Aryan personal bodyguard of Dr. Blofeld, who remains behind when Blofeld flees from his hideout in a volcano.[4] James Bond and Hans fight on a bridge over a pool full of Piranhas. After a missed punch Bond flips Hans over his shoulder into the pool, remarking "Bon appetit!".[5] Esquire Magazine ranked Hans #41 in the list of James Bond Villains, saying, "As a character, Hans doesn't offer much. As an obstacle, he's terrific.[4] The actor and stuntman Joe Robinson coached Sean Connery in judo for the fight scene, and acted as double for Ronald Rich.[6] Lewis Gilbert directed Rich in both Alfie and You Only Live Twice.[7]


Title Role Year Notes
Doctor in Clover Student Doctor 1966 Uncredited
Alfie Big Man in Pub 1966 Uncredited
You Only Live Twice Hans, Blofeld's Bodyguard 1967
Television shows
Show Episode Role Director Year Notes #
The Lance Percival Show Episode #1.4 1965
Doctor Who "The Watcher" Gunnar the Giant Douglas Camfield 1965 uncredited
Doctor Who "The Meddling Monk" Gunnar the Giant Douglas Camfield 1965
Doctor Who "Mission to the Unknown" Trantis Derek Martinus 1965 uncredited
The Benny Hill Show Episode #8.2 Various roles 1968 Credited as Ron Rich
B and B Roger The Man 1968



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