Delta Profronde

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Delta Profronde
Race details
DateMid June
RegionZeeland, Netherlands
Local name(s)Delta Profronde (in Dutch)
CompetitionUCI Europe Tour
TypeOne-day race
First edition1959 (1959)
Editions47 (as of 2007)
First winner Miel Verstraete (NED)
Most recent Denis Flahaut (FRA)

Delta Profronde was a single-day road bicycle race held annually in June in Zeeland, Netherlands. In 2005, the race was organized as a 1.1 event on the UCI Europe Tour. It was previously known as Ronde van Midden-Zeeland and it was an amateur race between 1959 and 1973. In 2008, the organizers of the Delta Profronde and of the OZ Wielerweekend operated a fusion to create the stage race Delta Tour Zeeland.[1]


Year Country Rider Team
1959  Netherlands Miel Verstraete
1960  Netherlands Cees van Amsterdam
1961  Netherlands Bart Solaro
1962  Netherlands Cees Snepvangers
1963  Netherlands Leo van Dongen
1965  Netherlands Dies Kosten
1966  Netherlands Rini Wagtmans
1967  Netherlands Leen de Groot
1968  Netherlands Joop Zoetemelk
1969  Netherlands Henk Benjamin
1970  Netherlands Cees Priem
1971  Netherlands Marcel Pennings
1972  Netherlands Roy Schuiten
1973  Netherlands Peer Maas
1974  Netherlands Tino Tabak
1975  Netherlands Gerard Vianen
1976  Netherlands Fedor den Hartog
1977  Belgium Freddy Maertens
1978  Netherlands Gerrie Knetemann
1979  Netherlands Bert Oosterbosch
1980  Netherlands Gerrie Knetemann
1981  Belgium Eddy Planckaert
1982  Netherlands Henk Lubberding
1983  Netherlands Jan Raas
1984  Belgium Luc Colijn
1985  Belgium Ferdinand Van den Haute
1986  Netherlands Gerrit Solleveld
1987  Netherlands Jean-Paul Van Poppel
1988  Netherlands Peter Pieters
1989  Netherlands Jelle Nijdam
1990  Netherlands Gerrit Solleveld
1991  Netherlands Wiebren Veenstra
1992  Belgium Johan Capiot
1993  Belgium Jo Planckaert
1994  Netherlands Maarten Den Bakker
1995  Netherlands Jeroen Blijlevens
1996  Netherlands Jelle Nijdam
1997 No race
1998  Germany Erik Zabel
1999  Netherlands Servais Knaven
2000  Netherlands Leon van Bon
2001  Belgium Nico Eeckhout
2002  Australia Robbie McEwen
2003  Netherlands Stefan Van Dijck
2004  Belgium Niko Eeckhout
2005  Netherlands Bram De Groot
2006  Netherlands Steven De Jongh
2007  France Denis Flahaut


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