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IndustryFinancial technology

Roobee is an international financial technology company providing an AI-powered blockchain investment service.[1][2] It is considered to be the first blockchain investment service developed for non-professional and private investors.[3][4][5] The service enables its users to invest in loans, IPOs, venture capital, stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs and other options.[6][7][8]


Roobee was founded in 2017 by Co-founder Artem Popov.[9][10] August 2, 2018, during the pre-seed funding round, an anonymous investor, labeled by Bloomberg as 200M_trader invested $4.5m into Roobee.[11] During the testing period Roobee had been used by over 5,000 people to invest an excess of US$15 million in Ethereum (ETH) into funds, venture, and blockchain projects.[12][13]


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