Rosalia Zemlyachka

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Rosalia Samoilovna Zemlyachka
1900е нач. агент Искры Розалия Землячка.jpg
Born(1876-03-20)March 20, 1876
DiedJanuary 21, 1947(1947-01-21) (aged 70)
Known forMarxist revolutionary

Rosalia Samoilovna Zemlyachka (Russian: Розалия Самойловна Землячка) (20 March 1876 – 21 January 1947) was a Jewish revolutionary and Soviet politician of Russia. She is best known for her involvement in the organization of the First Russian revolution, and along with Béla Kun, as one of the organizers of the Red Terror in the Crimea in 1920–1921, against former soldiers of the White Army. She then continued her career in the communist party of the Soviet Union, escaping all purges and became vice-president of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR, the highest governmental authority of the regime. She is the only woman to have served at this level in the Stalinist period, and the first woman to be decorated with the Order of the Red Banner.

Rozalia Samuilovna Zalkind known under nicknames Devil (for personal participation in mass executions) and Zemlyachka was a Russian revolutionary, Soviet politician and statesman. Born in a wealthy family of merchants of the 1st Guild, she got an excellent education in Kiyv and later in University of Lyon, medical faculty. From age of 17 was involved in revolutionary activities and never worked in any paid job until October Revolution.

“Rozalia Zemliachka and her lover Bela Kun murdered 50,000 White officers (with Lenin's approval). They were tied in pairs to planks and burned alive in furnaces; or drowned in barges that she sank offshore.”


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