Rosanna Zambon

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Rosanna Zambon
Born Schio, Italy
Genres Kayōkyoku, Bossa Nova
Occupation(s) Singer, musician
Labels Nippon Columbia, Warner Music Japan

Rosanna Zambon (born July 3, 1950 in Schio, Italy) is an Italian singer.


She is best known for her work in Japan with the duo Hide & Rosanna. She subsequently became a TV personality with her own Italian cuisine show.[1]


  • 粋なうわさ A PRETTY RUMOR/橋本淳・筒美京平ゴールデン・アルバム (stylish rumor A PRETTY RUMOR / love of color of tears) Hashimoto Atsushi Kyohei Tsutsumi Golden Album (1969.7.10, JPS-5182) * newly recorded song (cover of Chiyo Okumura)
  • イタリーの休日 (holiday of Italy) (1969.11.25, JDX-32)
  • デュエット/ヒデとロザンナの世界 (DUET! DUET! DUET! world of Rosanna and Hiden duet) (1971.11.10, JDX-57)
  • 愛の伝説 (legend of love) (1972.06.25, JDX-75)
  • 旅の宿 (inn of travel BEST SELECTIONS OF HIDE & ROSSANNA) (1970.12.25, JDX-46)
  • 追想 (retrospect) (1975, L-10094R)
  • WALKING AGAIN (1977年, L-10066R)
  • 愛のハーモニー (Harmony of Love) (1979, DVR-11001)
  • 愛はいつまでも (love forever) (1989/5/25, 29L2-74)

Selected Songs[edit]

  • 愛の奇跡 (Miracle of love) (1968.10.15, P-42)
  • 粋なうわさ (Stylish rumor) (1969.4.15, P-58)
  • ローマの奇跡 (Miracle of Rome) (1969.8.25, P-74)
  • 笑ってごらん子供のように (As you can see children laughing) (1970.1.25, P-83)
  • 愛は傷つきやすく (Love is vulnerable) (1970.5.25, P-93)


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