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Rosanne Haggerty (born 1961) is an American housing and community development leader, and founder of Common Ground Community and later of Community Solutions.[1][2][3] Haggerty redeveloped the Times Square Hotel,[4] a building on the National Register of Historic Places, reducing homelessness by 87 percent in the 20-block neighborhood around it.[5]

Haggerty graduated from Amherst College in 1982[6] and went on to study at both Columbia University (M.A. Arch.)[7] and New York University.[8] She was an Adelaide Thinker in Residence in Adelaide, Australia.[9] South Australian Premier Mike Rann and Social Inclusion Commissioner David Cappo backed Haggerty's recommendations with a multimillion-dollar investment in inner-city apartment buildings tailor made for homeless people, establishing Common Ground Adelaide and Street to Home.[10]

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