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The Rose Ensemble
The Rose Ensemble

The Rose Ensemble, based in St. Paul, Minnesota, is a musical group that was founded by Jordan Sramek in 1996. [1] The group, which is primarily vocal, specializes in medieval to modern music from around the world, occasionally commissioning new pieces following the older styles.[2] Their music spans 1,000 years and 25 languages.[3] The history of their music is carefully researched, with each CD containing an overview of where the music came from and when it was first performed. Each member has been celebrated for their ability to sing as soloists as well as in a group, and Sramek has been lauded for his groundbreaking research. [4]

The Rose Ensemble offers three educational programs at the Kindergarten to Grade 12 level: Music From the Land of Three Faiths: Discovering Ancient Harmonies Across Cultures, Borders, and Religions; Celebremos! Musical Collaboration in Colonial Baroque Mexico; and Hawai'i Revealed: Music from the Soul of the Hawaiian Saga. It also offers three college workshops (Master Classes; Medieval Music: Harmony of the Spheres; and Ensemble Singing: It's All About Blend) and four adult workshops (Gregorian Chant: No you don't have to be a monk; Renaissance Music: Beyond Merry Maids and fa-la-la; Music Research: Where did you find that music?; and Ensemble Singing Workshop: It's all about blend - advanced).[5]

Critical acclaim[edit]

  • Recipient of a Rockefeller "Arts & Religion in the Twin Cities" Award[6]
  • 2005 Chorus America Margaret Hillis Award for Choral Excellence [7]
  • First-place winner in the sacred music category at the 2007 Tolosa International Choral Competition (Spain)[8]
  • First-place winner in BOTH the sacred and secular music categories at the 2012 Tolosa International Choral Competition [9]

Ensemble Musicians, 2016-2017 Season[10][edit]

  • Jordan Sramek - Founder/Artistic Director/Tenor
  • Bethany Battafarano - Soprano
  • Natalie Campbell - Soprano
  • Julianna Emanski - Soprano
  • Chelsie Propst - Soprano
  • Elizabeth Windnagel - Soprano
  • Clara Osowski - Mezzo-Soprano
  • Alyssa Anderson - Alto
  • Natalie Nowytski - Alto
  • Andrew Rader - Countertenor
  • Timothy Campbell - Tenor
  • Garrett Eucker - Tenor
  • Bradley King - Tenor
  • Jake Endres - Baritone
  • Mark Dietrich - Bass
  • Ginna Watson - Vielle, Rebec, Harp
  • David Burk - 'ud, guitar, other stringed instruments



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