Rose Park Primary School

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Rose Park Primary School
Rose Park Primary School from Alexandra Avenue in 2008
Alexandra Ave
Rose Park, South Australia
Coordinates 34°55′54″S 138°37′44″E / 34.9316°S 138.6289°E / -34.9316; 138.6289
Type Public
Motto Latin: Vincit Qui Se Vincit
He conquers who conquers himself
Established 1893
Principal Di Burrell[1]
Enrolment Approximately 580[2]
Campus Suburban
Colour(s) Blue and Gold

Rose Park Primary School is a coeducational R–7 school (5–13 year olds) located in the Adelaide inner suburb of Rose Park. The school is located at 54 Alexandra Avenue and occupies the land between Alexandra and Grant Avenues. It is one of South Australia's earliest established Primary Schools[citation needed] and currently has an enrolment of approximately 580 students[2] who come from different cultural backgrounds.[citation needed]


The school is named after the Right Hon. Sir John Rose, who was the chairman of the South Australia Company at the time it subdivided the district. The land was purchased for £800 in 1892, and the original building was planned to accommodate 500 children. The original school building comprised seven classrooms with verandahs and two shelter sheds at the back.[3][not in citation given]

The school was opened on 30 January 1893 with Mr. C A Wittber Headmaster, 4 assistants and 294 pupils. By the end of the year, 591 children had enrolled. The eastern wing was built in 1899, to provide a total of 9 classrooms. The verandahs at the back were removed and a large classroom was added on each of the eastern and western corners.[3] The Grant Avenue building was completed in 1923, and extensive alterations were carried out during 1977 to make it suitable for contemporary teaching methods.[4]

The old St. Theodore's Church was purchased in 1924 for £925 and was opened as a woodwork centre in 1925. The building has served a number of roles such as a drama area, creative dance area and even as a lunch-time recreational area supervised by a roster of parents.[citation needed]

After the opening of Linden Park Primary School, student numbers gradually declined, levelling off at around 400. Developments in the buildings since the 1950s have related to curriculum changes, rather than to pressures of numbers. Thus, the Grant Avenue building was remodelled as an Open Unit, in 1977 and subsequently re-divided in 1981. A strong library/resource centre developed, with particular space requirements. Activity rooms were set aside from ordinary classrooms for multi-purpose usage, assemblies, music, dance and drama and wet-weather activities.[3][not in citation given]

Since 1970 the school grounds have been expanded by the purchase of two properties adjoining the school on the east, three properties on Grant Avenue and the take-away shop on the corner of Alexandra Avenue and Victoria Terrace, previously known as Gurney Road. The closure of Victoria Terrace to through traffic in 1976 and the development of the park helped to reduce crowding.[citation needed][dubious ] The 1989 re-routing of the service lane enabled the final linking up of the original school with the church building and the shop block. Adjoining houses east of the school on Grant Avenue were demolished and the two sites developed to form the "block" currently used for after-school sport.[3][not in citation given]

1993 was the Centenary Year of the school and celebrations were held throughout the year.[4][dead link]

Head Master / Principal[edit]

Name Years Notes
Mr C.A. Wittber 1893–1906
Mr R. Llewellyn 1907–1910
Mr E.W. Gallagher 1911
Mr F.L. Gratton 1912 (Locum for Gallagher)
Mr A.T. Drake 1913–1915
Mr C.E. Hamence 1916–1918
Mr F.N. Leak 1919
Mr T.S. Bosch 1920
Mr F.N. Leak 1921–1930
Mr R.J. Morgan 1931–1936
Mr C.R. Butterworth 1937
Mr W.S. Hutley 1938–1941
Mr W.R. G. Sharp 1942–1950
Mr A.C. Cattle 1951–1953
Mr A.R. Francis 1954–1956
Mr E.C.W. Priest 1957–1960
Mr E. Daenke 1961–1963
Mr R.D. Brown 1964
Mr G.J. Walker 1965–1967
Mr M.A. Byass 1968–1970
Mr W.R. Tresize 1971–1977
Mr D.K. Tassell 1978–1983
Mr T. Boreham 1984–1990
Mr G.J. Percy 1991 (Acting 3 months)
Mr J.R. Turner 1991 – Jan 2000
? 2000
Ms K. Spencer 2001 – Aug 2002
Mr D. Folber Oct 2002 – April 2004 (Acting)
Mr T. McLeod April 2004 – Sept 2006
Ms K. Cotter October 2006 – July 2007 (Acting)
Ms J. Chinnery July 2007 – October 2007 (Acting)
Mr Brett Darcy 2008 – June 2016
Ms Rebecca Patterson June–December 2016 (Acting)
Ms Di Burrell 2017 [1]

Present day[edit]

Rose Park Primary School has an enrolment of approximately 580 students in 24 classes from Reception to Year 7. About 15% are School Card Holders, who are exempt from some school and associated fees. Classes are arranged in composite year groupings.[5]

Due to enrolment restrictions,[citation needed] the school's catchment area is zoned. The zoned area includes part of the City of Burnside bounded by Fullarton Road, Greenhill Road, Portrush Road and Kensington Road, and part of the City of Norwood, Payneham & St Peters bounded by George Street, William Road, Angas Street and Dequetteville Terrace. This area falls in District 4 – East. The school is also referred to as 0169.[6]

Old Scholars Association[edit]

An Old Scholars’ Association meets periodically and holds a reunion each year in October. Old Scholars maintain an archival collection; the archives provide a history of the school since its inception.[citation needed]

Notable students[edit]

Name Years attended Notes
Frank Fenner 1920–1926 Professor of Microbiology at the John Curtin School of Medical Research between 1949 and 1967. Awarded the Copley Medal in 1995. Awarded the Prime Minister's Award for Science in 2002.[7]
John Dowie 1921–1924 Australian painter, sculptor and writer. Member of the Order of Australia in 1981.[8]
Renfrey Potts 1930–1936 Rhodes Scholar. Developed the Potts model. Professor, Chair and lecturer of applied mathematics at the University of Adelaide 1959–1990. Officer of the Order of Australia 1991. ANZIAM Medal 1995.[9]


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