Roseto Sharks

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Roseto Sharks
Leagues Legadue Silver
Founded 1946
History Roseto Basket
Roseto Sharks
Pallacanestro Roseto 1946
Roseto Sharks
Arena PalaMaggetti
Location Roseto, Italy
Team colors Blue, White
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President Italy Ettore Cianchetti
Head coach United States Phil Melillo

Roseto Sharks, currently known as Mec-Energy Roseto for sponsorship reasons, is an Italian professional basketball club based in Roseto. They currently participates in the Legadue Silver.

Sponsorship naming[edit]

The club has had several denominations through the years due to its sponsorship:

  • Cover Jeans Roseto (1982–1983)
  • Cordivari Roseto (1998–2001)
  • Euro Roseto (2001–2004)
  • Sedima Roseto (2004–2005)
  • BT Roseto (2005–2006)
  • Seven 2007 Roseto (2008–2009)
  • Mec-Energy Roseto (2011–present)

Notable players[edit]

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