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Rosie Millard (born 17 April 1965) is a British journalist and broadcaster.[1]

Millard has a regular column in The Independent and i newspapers,[2] and writes features, comment pieces and interviews for other national newspapers and magazines, including The Sunday Times,[3] The Times, The Independent, The Daily Mail,[4] and New Statesman.[5] She wrote the Mr and Mrs Millard marital column in the Body and Soul section of the Saturday Times.[6] She was the arts editor and theatre critic for New Statesman.[7] Millard has also written 3 books, The Tastemakers: U.K. Art Now.[8][9] She then wrote Bonnes Vacances ,[10] a comic travel memoir recounting a journey around the French Overseas Territories with her children, published by Summersdale, 2011.[11] This was published along a series of TV documentaries on the same trip presented by Millard. Her first novel The Square[12] is a comic romp set in London. It was published in August 2015 by Legend Press. Millard is Chair of Hull City of Culture, 2017.


Millard was educated at Wimbledon High School,[13] an independent school for girls in Wimbledon in south-west London. Millard is a graduate of Hull University, the London College of Communication and the Courtauld Institute. Millard was also educated at an American High School courtesy of the English-Speaking Union. Millard has been a Trustee of the Carnegie (UK) Foundation, Home Live Art and Modern Art Oxford.

Life and career[edit]

Millard was the arts correspondent for the BBC between 1995 and 2004.[14]

On 20 June 2014 BBC News announced that Millard was to be appointed the role of chairwoman of the company running Hull's UK City of Culture activities in 2017.[15][16] Having arrived at the University of Hull more than 30 years ago to study for a degree in English and Drama, arts specialist Millard maintains close links with the city.[17]

The first article Millard wrote for a national newspaper was about the Humber Bridge; she was live on ITV’s breakfast show to support Hull when the City of Culture 2017 announcement was made; and her article in celebration of Hull published in the Daily Telegraph on the same day highlighted the beauty of a city “on the edge of the earth” and on the cusp of cultural, social and economic change.

As a student reading English and Drama at the University of Hull in the mid-1980s, Millard worked on arts engagement projects that took theatre to Bransholme council housing estate and the Edinburgh Festival. She continues to be a passionate believer in the importance of accessibility to the arts for all and, over the past 15 years, has served as a trustee on regional arts boards in Dunfermline, London and Oxford.

Millard is in Hull every week on City of Culture business and of course to support the city’s arts organisations and educational institutions. Millard attended the 50th anniversary celebrations of the University of Hull’s Drama department; and aimed to inspire the city’s journalists of the future by speaking at Journalism Day 2015 – an annual event organised by Hull School of Art and Design at Hull College, held at Hull Truck Theatre.[18]

Croissants in the Jungle, a 6-part documentary series for the Travel Channel, was made on Millard's journey around the French Overseas Territories with her family.

Millard has also been Arts Editor and Theatre Critic at the New Statesman, a profile writer for The Sunday Times and a writer for the Telegraph.

Radio documentaries Millard has made for Radio 4 include the 2014 series The Move, plus documentaries In Defense of Pushy Parents, Stories from The Squeezed Middle, and Towering Ambition, which analysed why London has skyscrapers but Paris has none. Millard is a regular guest on Five Live talk shows and Jeremy Vine on Radio 2.

Millard does newspaper reviewing for news programmes on Sky or ITV, and occasionally appears on Newsnight or equivalent programmes to discuss topical issues, usually cultural or lifestyle. Millard appears frequently on television live debates. Millard co-produced a documentary in the 2014 Perspectives season for ITV1, Kick Out The Jams, which was presented by Gary Kemp and looked at the legacy of the Young British Artists.

Family life[edit]

Millard lives in Islington, north London. She is married to the TV producer Pip Clothier and has four children,[6][19] Phoebe, Gabriel, Honey and Lucien. Millard also runs marathons and is a Brownie leader.


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