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Flower of Rossioglossum ampliatum - Rspb.2013.0960-F1.large-right.jpeg
Rossioglossum ampliatum
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
(unranked): Angiosperms
(unranked): Monocots
Order: Asparagales
Family: Orchidaceae
Subfamily: Epidendroideae
Tribe: Cymbidieae
Subtribe: Oncidiinae
Genus: Rossioglossum
(Schltr.) Garay & G.C. Kenn.
  • Ticoglossum Lucas Rodr. ex Halb.
  • Chelyorchis Dressler & N.H.Williams in G.A.Romero & G.Carnevali

Rossioglossum is a genus of flowering plants from the orchid family, Orchidaceae. It has 9 currently recognized species (as of May 2014), all native to Mexico, Central America, and northern and western South America.[1]

  1. Rossioglossum ampliatum (Lindl.) M.W.Chase & N.H.Williams - from Guatemala to Venezuela and Peru
  2. Rossioglossum grande (Lindl.) Garay & G.C.Kenn. - Chiapas, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica
  3. Rossioglossum hagsaterianum Soto Arenas - Nayarit, Jalisco
  4. Rossioglossum insleayi (Baker ex Lindl.) Garay & G.C.Kenn. - from Jalisco to Oaxaca
  5. Rossioglossum krameri (Rchb.f.) M.W.Chase & N.H.Williams - Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama
  6. Rossioglossum oerstedii (Rchb.f.) M.W.Chase & N.H.Williams - Costa Rica, Panama
  7. Rossioglossum schlieperianum (Rchb.f.) Garay & G.C.Kenn. - Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama
  8. Rossioglossum splendens (Rchb.f.) Garay & G.C.Kenn. - Oaxaca
  9. Rossioglossum williamsianum (Rchb.f.) Garay & G.C.Kenn - Chiapas, Guatemala, Honduras

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