Rossiya Theatre

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Rossiya Theatre
«Karo Film Pushkinsky» Cinema (1997–2012)
«Rossiya» Cinema (1961–1997)
Pushkinsky Cinema 00.jpg
Pushkinsky Cinema Theatre, 2009
Address Moscow
Coordinates 55°45′58″N 37°36′27″E / 55.766111°N 37.6075°E / 55.766111; 37.6075
Owner Karo Film
Designation Monument of architecture
Capacity 1750
(2056 when it was a cinema hall)
Production Beauty and the Beast (musical) (revival)
Opened 1961
Reopened 2012
Rebuilt 1997, 2012
Stage Entertainment

The Rossiya Theatre (Russian: Театр «Россия»), formerly known as the Pushkinsky Cinema (Russian: Кинотеатр «Пушкинский») is monument of architecture and currently the largest theatre in Moscow operated by Stage Entertainment. It is located in Pushkinskaya Square.


A poetry festival near the most famous Pushkin Monument on Pushkinskaya Square in 1984. Rossiya Cinema can be seen in the background.

Since the early 1960s, it was the largest cinema hall in Europe and the main cinema hall of the USSR. The Rossiya Cinema was built in 1961 and became the largest of its kind in Europe. The cinema has always hosted major events, such as the Moscow International Film Festival.

In 1997, The Rossiya was leased (and then eventually sold) to the large film distributor Karo Film, which renovated the theatre and changed its name to Pushkinsky. The Pushkinsky was leased in 2012 to Stage Entertainment Russia for a period of five years.


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