Roswell Daily Record

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Roswell Daily Record
TypeDaily newspaper
Owner(s)Roswell Daily Record, Inc. (Beck Trust - Marjorie S Beck)
PublisherBarbara Beck
EditorJohn Dilmore
General managerSaralei Fajardo
Founded1891; 131 years ago (1891)
  • 2301 North Main Street
  • Roswell, New Mexico 88201
OCLC number427420996

The Roswell Daily Record is a local newspaper located in Roswell, New Mexico,[1] and has a circulation of less than 12,000. The paper is well known in the UFO community because it reported the alleged Roswell UFO crash in 1947.[2] The newspaper was previously owned by Robert Beck, and after Beck’s death the newspaper ownership was passed to the Beck Trust - Marjorie S Beck.[citation needed]

Roswell Daily Record, July 8, 1947, announcing the "capture" of a "flying saucer."

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