Rouge River Bridge

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Rouge River Bridge
Coordinates Coordinates: 43°48′14″N 79°08′06″W / 43.804°N 79.135°W / 43.804; -79.135
Carries 14 lanes of Highway 401
Crosses Rouge River
Locale Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Maintained by Ontario Ministry of Transportation
Design Deck truss bridge, girder bridge
Total length 170 metres (560 ft)
Width 14 lanes
Clearance below Rouge River
Opened 1974 (1974), 1994

Rouge River Bridge is a series of 170 metres (560 ft) spans carrying traffic on Highway 401 (Ontario) over the Rouge River (Ontario).

It is technically not a single bridge, but rather several spans of highway overpasses over the Rouge River. Parts of the original bridges (built 1941-1942) during the initial construction of Highway 401 remain next to the spans added after the 1970s.

The inner or express spans were built in 1974 and the outer or collector spans were completed in 1994 as part of the widening of the highway between Pickering and Scarborough.[1] Both spans are Girder bridges. The spans carry 12 lanes of traffic in total, and run parallel to a section of Kingston Road that spans across the Rouge River on the north side.

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