Round Island (Ohio)

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Round Island
Round Island (Ohio).jpg
Round Island, Ohio
Round Island is located in Ohio
Round Island
Round Island
LocationBuckeye Lake, Fairfield Beach, Walnut Township, Fairfield County, Ohio
Coordinates39°55′11″N 82°29′25″W / 39.919691°N 82.490153°W / 39.919691; -82.490153Coordinates: 39°55′11″N 82°29′25″W / 39.919691°N 82.490153°W / 39.919691; -82.490153
Total islands1
Highest elevation274 m (899 ft)[1]
United States
Population1 (Island is currently for sale, and home on the island previously belonged to deceased Wendy's CEO, Dave Thomas.[2][3] (2012)

Round Island, is a private island, located within Buckeye Lake, in Fairfield County, Ohio. In the 1920s, a cottage was built on the island, and in 1995 it was purchased and renovated by the late Dave Thomas, CEO and founder of Wendy's restaurants.[2]


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