Manhunt (2008 film)

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Manhunt (2008 film) poster.jpg
International film poster
Directed byPatrik Syversen
Written byNini Bull Robsahm
Patrik Syversen
StarringKristina Leganger Aaserud
Janne Beate Bønes
Henriette Bruusgaard
Jørn Bjørn Fuller Gee
Music bySimon Boswell
Distributed byEuforia Film (Norway)
Release date
Running time
75 min.
Box office$1.1 million

Manhunt (Norwegian: Rovdyr) is a 2008 Norwegian horror film directed by Patrik Syversen.


The story is set in 1974. Four friends, Camilla, Roger, Mia and Jørgen go for a vacation in a forest. They stop at an inn and meet people and a girl who joins their group. Their newfound friend takes them on a journey to the deep end of the forest, where they become systematically hunted and killed for sport by a party of locals. The friends try to escape while avoiding a series of traps the trackers left on the place.


The film had mixed reviews, with a dice throw of 3 out of 6 in both Verdens Gang and Dagbladet,[1][2] and 4 given in Nettavisen and Dagsavisen.[3][4] ABC Nyheter had a different grading system, giving it 5 out of 10.[5]


The Opening Track Wait For The Rain is sung and was written by David Hess, which is the original score song of The Last House on the Left, which also starred Hess.[6] The end theme En Spennende Dag For Josefine is a Norwegian folkloric pop song sung by Inger Lise Rypdal.[7]


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