Roxana Stinchfield Ferris

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Roxana Stinchfield Ferris
Roxana Judkins Stinchfield Ferris (1895-1978) (3397772907).jpg
Born Roxana Judkins Stinchfield
April 13, 1895
Sycamore, California
Died June 30, 1978
Palo Alto
Nationality American
Education Stanford University
Occupation botanist
Spouse(s) Gordon Floyd Ferris (1893-1958)

Roxana ("Roxy") Judkins Stinchfield Ferris (April 13, 1895 – June 30, 1978)[1] was an American botanist.

She was born in Sycamore, California, to Moses and Annie Stinchfield. She was named after her grandmother, Roxany Judkins.[2]

In 1916, Stinchfield Ferris earned a Master of Arts in Botany at Stanford University, and afterwards she joined the staff of the Dudley Herbarium at Stanford, collecting thousands of botanical specimens for the research collection there.[3] She specialized in collecting Phanerogams, and the botany of California and Mexico.[4] Stinchfield Ferris retired from the Dudley Herbarium in 1963,[5] and died in Palo Alto in 1978.


  • The trees and shrubs of western Oregon
  • llustrated Flora of the Pacific States (as co-editor)
  • Death Valley Wildflowers
  • Flowers of Point Reyes National Seashore

Species named in honor[edit]

Several species have been named in honor of Ferris including


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