Roy Hogsed

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Roy Hogsed
Born(1919-12-24)December 24, 1919
Flippin, Arkansas
OriginSan Diego, California
DiedMarch 13, 1978(1978-03-13) (aged 58)
Years active1947-1954

Roy Hogsed (born December 24, 1919, in Flippin, Arkansas; died March 1978) was an American country music singer. He is best known for his song "Cocaine Blues", which he took to number 15 on the country music charts in 1948.[1] Although he was active in the music business for only seven years, "Cocaine Blues" has been widely covered.[2]


Year Title Chart Positions
US Country
1948 "Cocaine Blues" 15


Year Part # Titles Notes
Coast Records
1947 261 Daisy Mae // Red Silk Stockings And Green Perfume as 'Roy Hogsed & The Rainbow Riders'
1947 262 Loafers Song (Livin' A Life Of Sin) // Cocaine Blues as 'Roy Hogsed & The Rainbow Riders'
1947 265 Don't Telephone, Don't Telegraph, Tell A Woman // I Can't Get My Foot Off The Rail as 'Roy Hogsed & The Rainbow Riders'
1947 266 Baby Won't You Settle Down // The Short Cut Cutie Polka as 'Roy Hogsed & The Rainbow Riders'
1948 271 Come On In And Set A Spell // Happy Birthday Polka as 'Roy Hogsed & His Rainbow Riders'
Capitol Records
1948 40120 Cocaine Blues // Fishtail Boogie as 'Roy Hogsed'
1948 40133 Easy Payment Blues // The Short Cut Cutie Polka as 'Roy Hogsed'
1949 40141 Take That Slow Train Thru Arkansas // Twenty-Five Chickens, Thirty-Five Cows (The Poultry Polka) as 'Roy Hogsed'
1949 40220 Let's Go Dancin' // Dill Pickles as 'Roy Hogsed'
1950 F40274 Cocaine Blues // Fishtail Boogie (reissue) as 'Roy Hogsed'
1950 F40286 Rag Mop // Rainbow Polka as 'Roy Hogsed Trio'
1950 F1201 The Red We Want Is The Red We Got (In The Old Red, White And Blue) // Don't Bite The Hand That's Feeding You as 'Roy Hogsed'
1951 F1529 Shuffleboard Shuffle // Poco Tempo as 'Roy Hogsed'
1951 F1635 Cocaine Blues // Fishtail Boogie (reissue) as 'Roy Hogsed'
1951 F1721 Free Samples // I Wish I Wuz as 'Roy Hogsed'
1951 F1854 The Snake Dance Boogie // I'm Gonna Get Along Without You as 'Roy Hogsed'
1952 F1987 Let Your Pendulum Swing // (She's A) Mean, Mean Woman as 'Roy Hogsed'
1952 F2083 Stretchin' A Point Or Two // Put Some Sugar In Your Shoes as 'Roy Hogsed'
1953 F2350 Ain't A Bump In The Road // =Roll-'Em Dice as 'Roy Hogsed'
1953 F2468 Red Wing // It's More Fun That Way as 'Roy Hogsed'
1954 F2720 Who Wrote That Letter To John // Babies And Bacon as 'Roy Hogsed'
1954 F2807 You're Just My Style // Too Many Chiefs And Not Enough Indians as 'Roy Hogsed'
1954 F3007 I'm Hurtin' Again // Do You Call That A Sweetheart as 'Roy Hogsed'


  • Cocaine Blues (Bear Family BCD-16191, 1999)


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