Royal Danish Army Officers Academy

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Royal Danish Military Academy
Frederiksberg Slot.jpg
Frederiksberg palace seen from Frederiksberg Park
Motto Ingenio et Armis
Motto in English
With wisdom and weapons
Established 1713
Type Army academy
Officer in charge
Lieutenant Colonel Henrik Holm
Location Copenhagen, Denmark
55°40′20″N 12°31′31″E / 55.672129°N 12.525295°E / 55.672129; 12.525295Coordinates: 55°40′20″N 12°31′31″E / 55.672129°N 12.525295°E / 55.672129; 12.525295
Campus Frederiksberg Palace

The Royal Danish Army Academy (known in Denmark as Hærens Officersskole) educates and commissions all officers for the Royal Danish Army. The Army Academy function was initiated in 1713 by request of King Frederick IV on inspiration from the Naval Academy.


The army academy is located on Frederiksberg Palace in central Copenhagen.

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