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Royal Flush Magazine
Editor Josh Bernstein Steve Chanks
Categories Satirical magazine
Frequency yearly
Circulation 40,000 [1]
Country United States
Language English
Website [1]
ISSN 978-0-9710039

Royal Flush [2] is an American humor magazine founded by editor Josh Bernstein of The #Number Foundation in 1997.[3] The magazine started out as an outlet for pop artists and creative directors of other magazines. The New York City art scene has been publishing their collected works in Royal Flush for years now. The magazine offers satire on many aspects of life and popular culture, rock music, and public figures.


Royal Flush is in its fifteenth year of publication and has a circulation of more than 40,000.[citation needed] Recent issues of Royal Flush have featured cover stories with Rob Zombie, Hugh M. Hefner,[4] Danny DeVito & the cast of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” Joan Jett, Patton Oswalt, My Chemical Romance and the Misfits.

Their combination of art and music is unique[citation needed] in articles like the one by contributor Jeff Newelt about Frank Zappa and noted comic artist, Jack Kirby.[5] The magazine is represented at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art festival yearly [6]

The magazine has gotten reviews from and has been quoted by - The Los Angeles Times, USA Today,[7] Entertainment Weekly, The New York Post, PerezHilton,[8] AOL, Village Voice and more.

Recurring features[edit]

Royal Flush is known for many regular and semi-regular recurring features in its pages, including "Hispanic Batman" and "How Much Ya Bench?" the "music reviews", "Interviews with celebrities” and its television, movie and news story parodies.


Royal Flush has provided an ongoing showcase for many artists with many different styles. All the artists and writers contribute to the publication on a volunteer basis.

Live Events[edit]

Royal Flush started a series of launch events that included live performances by bands that appeared in the magazine in 2001. The first event was on May 12, 2001 at CBGB’s and featured The Spicy Rizzaks, Harvey Loves Harvey and Dar Silicon.

Royal Flush is known for their annual “Book Release” parties at the Bowery Ballroom and CBGBs in NYC. Past shows have showcased bands like Clutch, Fiend Without a Face (featuring members of Mastodon), The Giraffes, Beatallica and dozens more.

Royal Flush has teamed up with some of the biggest festivals in music - including the CMJ Fest in NYC, and the Red Gorilla Fest in Austin’s SXSW Festival -for events. Recently Royal Flush has teamed with the Rocks Off Cruises.[9] for a series of concerts on NYC’s East River with the Black Lips, The Bouncing Souls, The Electric Six and The Detroit Cobras.

2009 saw the start of the Royal Flush Festival.[10] The Royal Flush Festival is a showcase for the independent film, art and music scene. Initially founded in 2005 as the E. Village City Film Fest in NYC’s East Village, this festival is expanding dramatically in its fifth year.[11]

The 2009 Royal Flush Festival featured such acts as the Raincoats, Melissa Auf der Maur of Hole and The Smashing Pumpkins, beat-boxer Kenny Muhammed and several other music events in addition to 5 days of film screenings, art openings, dance parties, panel discussions and much more.

The 2010 Royal Flush Festival [12] returned and featured such acts as Biz Markie, Black Taxi, Dungen, Kaiju Big Battel,[13] a Rob Zombie book signing at Forbidden Planet,[14][15] a Brian Ewing book signing at Brooklyn Bowl and an American Hardcore signing at the Knitting Factory.[edit] is the online home of Royal Flush. The destination for news, events, contests, exclusive comics, interviews and their own “Hot Seat” interview. gives backstage exclusives, current news stories, blogs and video game reviews all at a daily pace. also has original programing and exclusive videos, including celebrity cooking, to a band’s tour diary to secret concerts. There are also contests and giveaways hosted on the site.


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