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Seldon Hunt
Born 1969
Melbourne, Australia
Occupation graphic designer, illustrator, documentary film maker, photographer, artist

Seldon Hunt (born 1969, in Melbourne, Australia[1] and migrated to New York in 2006,[2] (now residing in Brooklyn) is an artist best known for his photography and his graphic artwork (on album covers and promotional poster) for rock musicians.[2][3][4][5]

Hunt's photography usually consists of thick undergrowth yet is often devoid of any human presence. His work has been compared to the romantic landscape painting of the 19th Century. His influences include the works of Vaughan Oliver and Neville Brody.[2]

Hunt is best known in the world of music for his graphic works – often extremely complex - for rock bands Neurosis, Earth, Jesu, Isis, Dälek, Mick Harris, Acid Mothers Temple, and the Melvins.[6][7] His first album cover artwork was for a solo album by KK Null (Zeni Geva).[1][8][9] As a photographer who’s obsessed with a vacuumesque conception of landscape, he has regularly working with Stephen O'Malley from Sunn O)))) and the label Southern Lord. His work is also associated with many other labels such as Hydrahead, Ipecac, TeePee and Relapse Records.

As a writer, he is the author of the cosmic essay published in the booklet of Sunn O)))’s The Grimmrobe Demos.[10]

Seldon Hunt’s already cult iconography for the current metal and experimental scenes, is gradually moving on from the visual world of music to contemporary art. Following in the footsteps of artists like Raymond Pettibon his work is now finding a path into the fine art world.[original research?]

Seldon Hunt is part of a new generation of artists who feel attuned to a desire for their work to move away from the city/urban and the inherent tumult resulting from the self-destruction of a consumer society. His subject matter is found in the forgotten urban parklands late at night where he endlessly walks patches of preserved nature close to the extremely urban environment where he lives.[original research?]

Selected exhibitions[edit]


  • Group show - Galerie du Jour Agnes B - Paris
  • "Six Degrees of Transmutation" - Baum Gallery - University of Central Arkansas[11]


  • "Catalyst" - FIFTY24SF gallery, San Francisco [12]
  • Solo - The Centre for Creative Communications - Toronto
  • Solo - The Effenaar - Netherlands.
  • Solo - Mechanikal Insektrospective - Cultuurcentrum Luchtbal Belgium


  • Seldon Hunt/Stephen O'Malley - AB - Brussels
  • Little Rippers Outre Gallery Australia



  • Khanate - "Things Viral"
  • Sunn O))) "Grimmrobe Demos" 2005
  • Sunn O))) "Black"
  • Stephen Kasner - monograph
  • Whitehorse
  • Moss (UK)
  • Andrew Pegler, ed. (2004). The Bugle's dicktionary : unabridged, unadulterated, unflattering, unconcise edition. Illustrator: Seldon Hunt. South Yarra, VIC: Hardie Grant Books. ISBN 1-74066-194-X. [15]


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