Royal Garrison Regiment

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The Royal Garrison Regiment was an infantry regiment of the British Army formed in 1901 and disbanded in 1908.

The regiment was originally formed from units of the Royal Reserve Regiments, independent battalions composed of reserve infantry called up for home duties in the United Kingdom as a large part of the regular forces were sent to South Africa for service in the Second Boer War. The Reserve Regiments only served in the UK and were phased out in 1901, when some of the units were instead regimented as the Royal Garrison Regiment. These units were sent to relieve regular infantry battalions in overseas garrisons; this would allow the regular battalions previously stationed there to be sent on active service in South Africa.

In 1901, four battalions were raised. The 1st, 3rd and 4th battalions were sent to Malta, whilst the 2nd was sent to Gibraltar. In 1904, all four were moved to South Africa for garrison duty there as the regular units returned to normal duties. A fifth battalion was raised in 1902, for service in Canada; it garrisoned Halifax, Nova Scotia from October 1902 until 1905, when it handed over its role to the Canadian Permanent Force. It was the last British garrison to be based in Canada proper.

All five battalions were disbanded in 1906-7, and the regiment was disbanded in August 1908.