Royston and Notton railway station

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Royston and Notton
Royston and Notton railway station.jpg
The station in 1951
Place Royston
Area Metropolitan Borough of Barnsley
Coordinates 53°36′00″N 1°26′11″W / 53.59993°N 1.43645°W / 53.59993; -1.43645Coordinates: 53°36′00″N 1°26′11″W / 53.59993°N 1.43645°W / 53.59993; -1.43645
Grid reference SE373116
Original company Midland Railway
Post-grouping London, Midland and Scottish Railway
Platforms 4
6 April 1841 Station opened
1 July 1900 replaced with new station
1 January 1968 Station closed[1]
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170433 at Edinburgh Waverley.JPG UK Railways portal
Up fast freight train in 1951
Railway Clearing House diagram including Royston and Notton in 1911

Royston and Notton railway station was opened in 1841 by the North Midland Railway, near the Yorkshire summit of the line, on the south side of Navvy Lane bridge.

The original station was rebuilt, about a mile further south, in 1900 when the lines were quadrupled. Shortly after this the Midland Railway built a branch from Royston Junction to the north of the station as part of its plans to reach Bradford and the north, avoiding Leeds. In the end the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway gave it running powers and the branch only reached Dewsbury.

It was a large station with four platforms and typical Midland Railway timber buildings although only 2 platforms were used regularly for passenger services. It closed in 1968.

Nearby was Royston engine shed built in the early 1930s, code 20C, to provide motive power for trains from the large collieries of the area. Most of its allocation was Stanier and WD 2-8-0s plus the ubiquitous Fowler 4F's, but ex LNWR 0-8-0s and LMS Garratts were not unknown.[2]

(The GCR had a nearby station called Notton and Royston which closed in 1930. There is another Royston station built in 1850 on the Hitchin to Royston railway in Hertfordshire)

Preceding station Historical railways Following station
Line closed; station closed
  North Midland Railway
Midland Railway
  Sandal and Walton
Line exists; station closed


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