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Rubén Deloso Torres (born September 10, 1941 in Botolan, Zambales, Philippines) is a politician in the Philippines. He goes by the nom de guerre "Kadre" which he was known as a leftist during martial law.[1]


Torres was known as a student activist, then a leftist leader during and after Martial Law.

Under President Corazón Aquino, he have served as an Undersecretary in the Department of Labor and Employment from 1989-1990. Afterwards he was promoted to full Secretary, serving from 1990-1992. Under the next president, Fidel V. Ramos, he worked as Executive Secretary (colloquially known as the Little President) from 1995-1998. He was instrumental in brokering a peace accord with the Muslim rebels in Mindanao.

Recently he served as Congressman, 2nd District, in Zambales from 2001-2004.


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