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Rudel is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Hans-Ulrich Rudel (1916–1982), highly decorated German pilot during World War II and post-war neo-Nazi activist
  • Jaufre Rudel (died in or after 1147), Prince of Blaye and a troubadour
  • Julius Rudel (1921–2014), Austrian-born American opera and orchestra conductor
  • Wulgrin II of Angoulême (c. 1089–1140), called Rudel, possibly the father or father-in-law of Jaufre Rudel

Fictional characters:

  • Hanna Rudel, a fictional character from the anime/manga series Strike Witches


  • Rudel is a plugin for the GNU Emacs text editor allowing collaborative real-time editing using the Obby protocol.

See also[edit]

  • Günther Rüdel (1883–1950), German general in the Luftwaffe during World War II
  • Rudel Scandal, a 1976 political scandal involving Hans-Ulrich Rudel
  • Rudl, a Norwegian folk dance