Rudolf Christian, Count of East Frisia

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Rudolf Christian
Counts of East Frisia
Rudolf Christian, count of East Frisia
Reign 1625–1628
Predecessor Enno III
Successor Ulrich II
Born (1602-06-02)2 June 1602
Died 17 April 1628(1628-04-17) (aged 25)
House Cirksena
Father Enno III of East Frisia
Mother Anna of Holstein-Gottorp

Rudolf Christian of Ostfriesland, Count of East Frisia, was count of East Frisia, (Hage, 2 June 1602 – Hage, 17 April 1628) and the second son of Enno III of East Frisia and Anna of Holstein-Gottorp. During his reign, foreign troops participating in the Thirty Years' War began retreating into and quartering in East Frisia. Also during his reign, fen exploitation in East Frisia begins.

He reached a settlement with the East Frisian Estates, who them paid him homage, ultimately even the city of Emden did so. Under his leadership, the Harlingerland was finally incorporated in the county of East Frisia. This is visible in the county's coat of arms, which was introduced under his rule in 1625 and remained in use until the county was annexed by Prussia in 1744.

At the age of just 26, he got embroiled in a fight with a lieutenant of the army of general Matthias Gallas, which was quartered in Berum Castle. He was stabbed in the left eye, and died of his wound.

Since Rudolf Christian was childless, he was succeeded as Count of East Frisia by his brother Ulrich II.


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Rudolf Christian, Count of East Frisia
Born: 2 June 1602 Died: 17 April 1628
Preceded by
Enno III
Count of East Frisia
Succeeded by
Ulrich II