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Rudolf Pitschak (5 August 1902 – 23 September 1988) was a Czech–German chess master.

Born in Rumburk (Rumburg), he once was the head of the Brünn (Brno) German Chess Club. He played in Silesian Chess Congress, where he tied for 3rd-4th at Gleiwitz 1927 (Ludwig Schmitt won), took 3rd at Reichenbach 1928 (Gottlieb Machate won), and took 2nd, behind Heinz Foerder, at Breslau 1930.[1]

Pitschak won at Venice 1929,[2] finished second to Flohr at Králičky 1929, tied for 3rd-4th at Bílina 1930 (Foerder won), took 7th at Mnichovo Hradiště (Münchengrätz) 1930 (Efim Bogoljubow won),[3] took 11th at Moravská Ostrava (Mährisch Ostrau) 1933 (Ernst Grünfeld won),[4] tied for fourth at Bad Liebwerda (Lázně Libverda) 1934, the 13th DSV-ch, Salo Flohr won),[5] tied for 7-8th at Konstantinsbad (Konstantinovy Lázně) 1935 (the 14th DSV-ch, Karl Gilg won),[6] and tied for 2nd-3rd at Vienna 1943 (Hietzing, Lešnik won).[7]

After World War II, Pitschak played at Cleveland in the 1957 (U.S. Open Chess Championship) where he drew a game with Bobby Fischer.[8]


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