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The Rugby League Conference (RLC), also known as the Co-operative Rugby League Conference as a result of sponsorship from the Co-operative Group, is a series of regionally based divisions of amateur rugby league teams spread throughout England, Scotland, and Wales.

It was founded in 1997 as the Southern Conference League with two Divisions: East and Central. Over time, it expanded and added more and more divisions. It was replaced in 2012 with a series of regional leagues.

The trophies[edit]

The Harry Jepson Trophy was competed for by all the Conference sides until 2005 and the advent of Premier Divisions. Until 2004 it was possible for a team to finish runners-up in their division, qualify for the play-offs and still win the Harry Jepson trophy, hence some champions did not pick up a regional title in the same year. From 2005, the Harry Jepson trophy was solely for the winners of the RLC Premier divisions. Conference sides that remained in the regional divisions competed for a new trophy - the RLC Regional. The Harry Jepson trophy is still contested by teams from RLC successor leagues.

The RLC Challenge was a knock-out competition designed to give clubs meaningful pre-season games.

The RLC Shield was an optional secondary competition for RLC Regional sides not making their divisions' play-offs. It was first contested in 2002 and continued until 2005.

National League Three was absorbed into the Rugby League Conference as the Rugby League Conference National Division in 2007.

The Welsh Shield was a secondary Welsh competition for teams which did not make the play-offs for the Welsh Division. It was played for in 2004 and 2005. The Welsh premier division was split into two divisions: East and West in 2006, though this was reversed for the following season. A play-off determined the overall Welsh champion.



  • Harry Jepson Trophy: Crawley Jets
  • Western Division: Chester Wolves (now Lymm RL)
  • Eastern Division: South Norfolk Saints (now Bury Titans)
  • Southern Division: Crawley Jets




  • Harry Jepson Trophy: Teesside Steelers
  • North East Division: Teesside Steelers
  • Northern Division: Rotherham Giants
  • Midlands Division: Coventry Bears
  • South Central Division: Hemel Stags
  • Eastern Division: Ipswich Rhinos (now Eastern Rhinos)
  • London & South Division: Crawley Jets











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