Rumble Fighter

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Rumble Fighter
Rumble Fighter Logo.jpg
Rumble Fighter logo
Developer(s) WeMade Entertainment, Nimonix
Publisher(s) GamesCampus, Current OGPlanet, Former.
Platform(s) Windows
Release date(s) August 2007[1]
Genre(s) Online fighting game
Mode(s) Online multiplayer

Rumble Fighter is a free-of-charge 3-D, online fighting game developed by WeMade Entertainment and Nimonix, and is currently published by GamesCampus under the title of "Rumble Fighter Revolution".It was previously owned by OGplanet, but refused to transfer accounts. The game is the translated port of the original game created by Nimonix called Gem Fighter (젬파이터?) which originated from Korea. The original Korean version is currently published under the company Valofe. Until recently, Rumble Fighter was only open to users residing in the United States and Canada,[2] but is now also available to users residing in Europe.

Rumble Fighter is a casual fighting MMOG in which players may battle with each other, or as teams. The game allows players to choose between several fighting styles, which are known in-game as "Sacred Scrolls". With its "ExoCore" system, players are able to undergo transformations during a battle, which gives the users access to, usually, two abilities. Such transformations change the player's appearance and, sometimes, his or her fighting abilities.[3]

Additionally, players are given the option to have a large amounts of customization by purchasing clothing and items using one of two currencies: "Campus Credits" or "Carats." Although the game is free to play, users are able to buy Campus Credits, GamesCampus's universal online currency,[3] which may be used to purchase in-game items normally unavailable by other means. Other items may be purchased with Carats, the currency exclusively used in Rumble Fighter, which are usually obtained by winning battles. Players may also buy clothing or accessories for their characters from the item shop, which, upon equipping, may affect their stats, such as HP and SP.[4]

On April 2, 2014, it was announced that the former host, OGPlanet, would not be keeping Rumble Fighter and it was later revealed that the game would be published under the new host GamesCampus. The OGPlanet servers shut down on May 23, 2014, the same day the servers under GamesCampus started up.[5]

GamesCampus is the current publisher of Rumble Fighter after the services ended with OGPlanet.[6]


Upon logging in, players will automatically enter a channel; Currently, 7 channels exist in the game, each generally separating players by their skill level: "Amateur," "Semi-Pro," "Professional," "Free," "Guild," "Tournament" (which has not seen very much use), "1v1 Streak," and "Free EU." Players may be promoted or demoted to different channels based on their performance in battles. The Free and Free EU channels, however, are available to all players while the Guild Channel is only available to members who are currently in a guild. The Tournament Channel has not yet seen any use, but it may possibly see use in the future. Rumors speculated the Tournament Channel would be opened for special occasions, though this is not confirmed. The "1v1 Streak" channel is one of the new additions to Rumble Fighter. This channel allows you to play other players 1 on 1, the twist for "1v1 Streak" being that your opponent is randomly chosen and you can rack up points to earn prizes, which is added up by gaining more wins in a row or by rolling a die after the match for a chance to try and get bonuses added on or nothing at all. To play in this channel you have to have a "1v1 Streak" card, which you can buy in the store for "500 carats" you can either buy one or more if you love the 1 on 1 matches.

Rumble Fighter features six character classes, each with its own stats. They are:

  • Striker (High strength, low-med defense)
  • Soul Fighter (High speed and jump, low-med strength and defense)
  • Elementalist (High SP, low strength and defense)
  • Alchemist (High armor, low speed)
  • Shaman (Balanced)
  • Android (Special, Regenerating SP)

A player initially chooses one character class to start playing as (with the exception of the Shaman class, which to attain, must be bought with 200 astros, and the Android class, which must be bought with 20000 carats with the player being at least level 20), but may purchase additional classes once they have enough carats or astros.[7]

Character clothes, accessories, exocores, and scrolls can be bought from the game's shop. Clothes and accessories can either simply change the appearance of the character, or can power up the character's stats. Some are usually specific to a character class. Players can also buy Gemstones that can power up a specific stat and equip it to either a shirt, pants, or gloves. However, players must buy a releasing scroll if they wish to remove that gem from that piece of clothing. The build-up system in the game allows players to wear the clothes that they wish to wear, but have the stat boosts of another, in case they want to look a certain way, but want the stats of another piece of clothing.

Sacred scrolls allow the player to change their fighting style in-game, allowing players a variety in fighting styles and combos. If a player does not equip a Sacred Scroll, they use a default fighting style. Some Sacred Scrolls have a combo that can launch the opponent up into the air, allowing the player to continue hitting them, executing a juggle that deals extra damage to them. Juggles are almost impossible to get out of, the only way being if the opponent misses, or if the opponent completes their juggle and you land on the ground. Currently, there is one Sacred Scroll specific to every character class, with the exception of Shaman. All other scrolls are available to everyone, with the exception of four scrolls, Kung Fu, only available to the Striker class, Kobudo, only available to the Elementalist class, Shidokan, only available to the Alchemist class, and Ninjitsu, only available to Soul Fighter class.

An Exocore is a weapon system allowing players to transform into an extra mode, becoming stronger players. All Exocores give a player two special attacks that can either simply cause damage to the opponent, cause an effect to the opponent (poisoning, freezing, shocking, burning, confusion, blinding), some can just attack normally or temporarily boost the stats of the user. The player can use them by pressing either the assigned keys V or B and transform into what ever 2 Exocore they have by doing this you have to press A or S. Many Exocores are specific to a character class, with a few being available for all classes to use. Every new player starts off with a default Exocore assigned to their specific class. Some Exocores are only to be used by the class you get like Strikers are able to use an iron cannon and others are not. Every class has their own Exocores and every class has the same in which all are able to use freely. Androids are the only class that you can not use the Exocores of other classes nor use Exocores that are shared between the other 5 classes.

The "Guardian" rank is a special role a player can earn when at level 15. To get it, the player must beat the "Survival" mode three times. Once achieved, the character is granted the special ability "Nanmu", which allows the player to dash forward and perform a combo specific to their scroll. By pressing "X" a number of times the "Nanmu" can be successfully be executed which can cause more damage to your opponent if done correctly.


An exocore is a special weapon, costume or transformation that gives the player new techniques during battle. Players can equip up to two exocores per character that can be interchanged in battle as long as. They can be bought in the shop, different excores either in game currency known as Carat or with OGPlanets paid service Astros, while some can be found in boss chests or in event boxes.

Sacred Scrolls[edit]

A "Sacred Scroll", in Rumble Fighter, is a fighting style. Players are allowed to buy and equip "Sacred Scrolls" to use in battle. Sacred Scrolls can be bought with Astros (Real money) or with Carats (Earned throughout the game). These "Scrolls" automatically teach the player's characters new skills, allowing you to deal damage in combat with combos, frontal attacks, and juggling. Some of these "Sacred Scrolls" can use multiple techniques, such as juggle launchers, drop juggles, reset juggles, etc. Some sacred scrolls cannot be bought in the store and needs to be found in events or special boxes.

Game modes[edit]

Battle mode[edit]

As an a team, players are given two minutes to fight with one another. Points are awarded at the end of each round, and are based on performance in battle. The team or player with the most points at the end of the game is declared the winner. In a game involving more than three players, various bonuses may be given to players if they have fulfilled certain conditions during battle.[8]

Adventure mode[edit]

As an individual or preferably a team, players are given a certain amount of time to make it through the entire stage defeating minions and getting to one of the many select boss characters and defeating them. Rumble Fighter has many stages to offer in this mode with many of their own prizes, like select matching armor unlocked through getting chests after you beat the stage. This mode normally has 3 levels you can choose from. These are Normal, Hard, and Hell. Each mode has their own prizes and the higher you go, the harder it gets, from minions to the boss and the more expensive the keys to open the boxes are.

Rumble mode[edit]

This mode can also be played as an individual or a team. Players engage in stylized combat with added bonuses such as "King of the Hill" where players battle it out to see who can stay on the platform the longest or "Moving Screen" where players battle it out while at the same time follow the screen whether it's to get to the bottom or top. Anyone not fast enough to follow the screen or who gets knocked off by other players loses.


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