Rumor Has It (game show)

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Rumor Has It
Presented by Brian O'Connor
Narrated by John Ten Eyck
Country of origin  United States
Running time 30 minutes
Original network VH1
Original release June 7 – October 28, 1993

Rumor Has It was a daily game show that aired on the cable station VH1 from June 7 to October 28, 1993. Brian O'Connor was the host and John Ten Eyck announced.

The series was the first game show ever to be broadcast on VH1.

Main game[edit]

First round[edit]

Three contestants competed every day, testing their knowledge of celebrity hearsay, fact, and innuendo. Each player began the game with 100 points.

Round one was called "Scandalation", where all questions were multiple choice and concerned celebrity scandal. Correct answers added ten points to a player's score, while ten points were deducted for an incorrect answer. During the round, the players took part in the "Scandalation Instant Reflex" round, where all questions were worth twenty points and players were given two possible answers. At the end of the round, whoever was in the lead won a prize and the lowest scoring player was eliminated.

Second round[edit]

The two remaining players participated in the "Video Tap Round". They were shown a clip from a music video and then tried to identify the artist for twenty points. Whoever answered correctly was given the first choice at answering two questions about the artist. The round concluded with another "Instant Reflex" speed round, which was the same as before, but all correct answers added forty points to their score, and the answers to all the questions fit a particular category. The player with the highest score at the end of this round won the game and a prize.

Bonus round[edit]

The day's winner played the "Rumor Mix and Match" bonus round. The object was to match eight statements to celebrity photos in thirty seconds or less. Each correct match added fifty points to their score. If all eight statements matched the correct celebrities, the player also won a grand prize.

There were no returning champions, but the nine highest scoring players returned at the end of the season for the "Total Trash Tournament".