Rumours (TV series)

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Genre sitcom
Country of origin Canada
No. of episodes 20
Running time 30 minutes
Original network CBC Television
Original release October 9, 2006 – 2007

Rumours was a Canadian television sitcom, that aired on CBC Television. The show centred on Ben and Sarah, co-editors of a women's magazine in Toronto.

Based on the successful Quebec sitcom Rumeurs, the show was produced by Moses Znaimer and written by Isabelle Langlois. Twenty episodes were made, of which nine aired in 2006 before the show was cancelled due to low ratings. The last 11 episodes aired in the summer of 2007.


Episode list[edit]

  1. One of Those Days
  2. First Impressions
  3. A Good Man Is Hard to Find
  4. Rivalries
  5. Close Up
  6. The Real Thing
  7. 25 Ways to Drive Him Wild
  8. Moments to Cherish
  9. Dizzy Spells
  10. The Shadow of Doubt
  11. Telling Details
  12. The Slightest Imperfection
  13. Bumps in the Night
  14. Erroneous Zone
  15. Unforgettable
  16. The Moment of Truth
  17. Look Before You Leap
  18. Chaos? What Chaos?
  19. My Life Is a Soap Opera Pt 1
  20. My Life Is a Soap Opera Pt 2

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