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Jens Berents Christiansen aka Rumpistol (born in 1978[1]) is a Danish producer and musician who writes and performs electronic music. He has been releasing music since 2003 and has received positive reviews from magazines such as[2] De:Bug[3] and Danish magazine GAFFA. The latter gave Rumpistol 6/6 for his 2008 album 'Dynamo'.[4]

Rumpistol creates electronic music in the electronica-genre with inspiration from ambient, dub, IDM, techno and dubstep, made for both the dance floor and for sitting audiences.

Christiansen also plays keyboards and produces for the band Kalaha [5] and has produced or contributed to releases from Lukkif[6] & Badun[7] as well as doing remixes of artists like Efterklang, Blue Foundation & Indians (musician).

In 2019 Kalaha won Carl Prisen in the category Best Roots Composer (for the EP "Mama Ngoma")[8]. In 2016 Christiansen co-wrote and co-produced the album "Masala"[9] which won a Danish Music Award Jazz for Best Special release [10] and was also nominated for Carl Prisen in 2018.[11] In 2016 his music was used for the opening ceremony for the Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro.[12] Rumpistol has played live at Roskilde Festival (DK) in 2006 and 2009, at MUTEK Montréal (CAN) in 2012,[13] at Multiplicidade(BZ) in 2015 at Boiler Room UK in 2012.[14]

Rumpistol releases on his own label Rump Recordings[15] but have also released on Project: Mooncircle[16] and Iboga Records.[17]

Selected Discography[edit]

Studio Albums by Rumpistol[edit]

Title Label Year
Rumpistol Rump Recordings 2003
Mere Rum Rump Recordings 2005
Dynamo Rump Recordings 2008
Floating feat. Red Baron Project Mooncircle 2012
Floating Remixes feat. Red Baron Rump Recordings 2013
Away Rump Recordings 2014
Eyes Open Wide Rmxs Iboga Records 2016

Singles & EPs by Rumpistol[edit]

Title Label Year
Copenhagen Jazz feat. Splitbeat Auditory Designs 2004
Talk To You Rump Recordings 2011
It's Everywhere feat. John LaMonica Rump Recordings 2013
Asleep Rump Recordings 2013
Away Rmxs Rump Recordings 2014
Eyes Open Wide Rump Recordings 2016
Drops Rump Recordings 2017
Drops Remixes Rump Recordings 2018
In My Room The Rust Music 2019

Releases by Kalaha[edit]

Title Label Year
Hahaha Rump Recordings 2014
Quarquaba Rump Recordings 2016
Wahwahwah Rump Recordings 2016
Masala Rump Recordings 2016
Masala - Extra Spicy Rump Recordings 2018
Mama Ngoma Rump Recordings 2018
Mandala DME 2019

Remixes by Rumpistol[edit]

Artist Title Label Year
Magtværk Rumpistol meets Freja in Dub MVR 2004
Analogik So Many Musicians (Rumpistol Meets Analogiks Many Musicians) Auditory Designs 2005
Acustic T.P.Ø. (Rumpistol Remix) RKRLHJ 2006
.tape. Late, Vague, Wrong (Rumpistol Remix) spa.RK 2008
Keramick & Lobo Answers (Rumpistol Remix) Freaky Beats Productions 2010
Efterklang Modern Drift (Rumpistol Remix) Flow Records 2010
System Alpha (Rumpistol Remix) Rump Recordings 2011
Blue Foundation Hoshi No Tame No Kmoruta (Rumpistol Rmx) Dead People's Choice 2012
Indians Magic Kids (Rumpistol Remix) 4AD 2013
Cirkular Girl (Rumpistol Remix) Pattern Abuse 2016
Rumpistol Swing Drops (Rumpistol Ambient Remix) Rump Recordings 2018
Roel Funcken Bloid Fraxton (Rumpistol Remix) Touched Music 2018



After starting his career playing keyboard and guitar for the band Magtværk, Christiansen moved on to launch his solo career as Rumpistol in 2003.[19]


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