Rumworth Lodge Reservoir

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Rumworth Lodge Reservoir
Rumworth Lodge Reservoir - - 96522.jpg
Location Greater Manchester, England
Coordinates 53°34′1″N 2°29′15″W / 53.56694°N 2.48750°W / 53.56694; -2.48750Coordinates: 53°34′1″N 2°29′15″W / 53.56694°N 2.48750°W / 53.56694; -2.48750

Rumworth Lodge Reservoir is a large shallow reservoir in Bolton, Greater Manchester, England.[1]

It is located to the west of Bolton's A58 (Beaumont Road) and to the South-East of Lostock railway station.[2] The water from the reservoir is not used for drinking water but provides compensation water so that the Middlebrook, which downstream becomes the River Croal, never runs dry.[3] It is a magnet for birds, particularly on spring and autumn passage when many rare species have been recorded. Fields between the wood and the lodge are also the site of rare autumn crocus.[3]


The 33 acre reservoir is used for fishing and an annual fishing permit and the appropriate Environment Agency licenses are required. The reservoir is stocked with bream, carp, roach and perch.[4]


Rumworth Lodge Reservoir is of great ornithological interest. The Reservoir's reedbeds have both reed and sedge warbler in summer and once played host to the county's first ever marsh warbler.[1] Many other species of bird have been recorder at the site. These include[1]


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