Rund um Berlin

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Rund um Berlin
Race details
Date Early-September
Region Berlin, Germany
English name Tour of Berlin
Local name(s) Rund um Berlin (German)
Discipline Road
Competition UCI Europe Tour (2008)
Type One-day
First edition 1896 (1896)
Editions 95
Final edition 2008
First winner  Gustav Gräben (GER)
Most wins  Klaus Ampler (GDR) (5 wins)
Final winner  Robert Bartko (GER)

The Rund um Berlin was a classic cycling race which was based around the German city of Berlin. It was the oldest cycling race in Germany until it disappeared in 2000. Although it was one of the oldest races in the world, its importance was merely restricted to Germany. It was usually only contested by Germans and only three times the winner was not German.


Rider Team
1896 Germany Graben, GustavGustav Gräben (GER)
1897 Germany Graben, GustavGustav Gräben (GER)
1902 Germany Goetzke, OttoOtto Goetzke (GER)
1903 Germany Goetzke, OttoOtto Goetzke (GER)
1904 Germany Scholz, FranzFranz Scholz (GER)
1905 Germany Bohm, AdolfAdolf Böhm (GER)
1906 Germany Goetzke, OttoOtto Goetzke (GER)
1907 Germany Faustmann, MaxMax Faustmann (GER)
1908 Germany Bohm, AdolfAdolf Böhm (GER)
1909 Germany Meck, JakobJakob Meck (GER)
1910 Germany Saldow, CarlCarl Saldow (GER)
1911 Germany Huschke, AdolfAdolf Huschke (GER)
1912 Germany Aberger, ErichErich Aberger (GER)
1913 Germany Franz, ErnstErnst Franz (GER)
1914 No race
1915 Germany Wittig, KarlKarl Wittig (GER)
1916-1918 No race
1919 Germany Koch, PaulPaul Koch (GER)
1920 Germany Kohl, PaulPaul Kohl (GER)
1921 Germany Aberger, ErichErich Aberger (GER)
1922 Germany Schenkel, RichardRichard Schenkel (GER)
1923 Germany Aberger, ErichErich Aberger (GER)
1924 Germany Kohl, PaulPaul Kohl (GER)
1925 Germany Tietz, OskarOskar Tietz (GER)
1926 Germany Schutze, SiegfriedSiegfried Schütze (GER)
1927 Germany Wolke, BrunoBruno Wolke (GER)
1928 Germany Hoffmann, WalterWalter Hoffmann (GER)
1929 Germany Risch, RudolfRudolf Risch (GER)
1930 Germany Merkan, WalterWalter Merkan (GER)
1931 Germany Kutschbach, WillyWilly Kutschbach (GER)
1932 Germany Bartholomäus, WalterWalter Bartholomäus (GER)
1933 Germany Kijewski, EmilEmil Kijewski (GER)
1934 Germany Stopel, KurtKurt Stöpel (GER)
1935 Germany Roth, BrunoBruno Roth (GER)
1936 Germany Ruland, FritzFritz Ruland (GER)
1937 Germany Kijewski, EmilEmil Kijewski (GER)
1938 Germany Gerber, BrunoBruno Gerber (GER)
1939 Germany Gerber, BrunoBruno Gerber (GER)
1940 Germany Liebl, WalterWalter Liebl (GER)
1941 Germany Saager, HarryHarry Saager (GER)
1942 Germany Saager, HarryHarry Saager (GER)
1943-1945 No race
1946 Germany Wiemer, KarlKarl Wiemer (GER)
1947 Germany Preiskeit, HansHans Preiskeit (GER)
1948 Germany Schultenjohann, HeinrichHeinrich Schultenjohann (GER)
1949 Germany Steinhilb, ReinholdReinhold Steinhilb (GER)
1950 Germany Trefflich, BernhardBernhard Trefflich (GER)
1951 Germany Schur, Gustav-AdolfGustav-Adolf Schur (GER)
1952 Germany Kirchhoff, RudiRudi Kirchhoff (GER)
1953 Germany Schulz, ErichErich Schulz (GER)
1954 Germany Kirchhoff, RudiRudi Kirchhoff (GER)
1955 Germany Claus, KonradKonrad Claus (GER)
1956 Germany Kirchhoff, RudiRudi Kirchhoff (GER)
1957 Belgium Legros, LouisLouis Legros (BEL)
1958 Germany Kirchhoff, RudiRudi Kirchhoff (GER)
1959 Germany Ampler, KlausKlaus Ampler (GER)
1960 Germany Ampler, KlausKlaus Ampler (GER)
1961 Germany Weissleder, ManfredManfred Weißleder (GER)
1962 Germany Hohne, LotharLothar Höhne (GER)
1963 Germany Hohne, LotharLothar Höhne (GER)
1964 Germany Ampler, KlausKlaus Ampler (GER)
1965 Germany Ampler, KlausKlaus Ampler (GER)
1966 Germany Grabe, DieterDieter Grabe (GER)
1967 Germany Liebold, GuntherGünther Liebold (GER)
1968 Germany Appler, LothatLothat Appler (GER)
1969 Germany Ampler, KlausKlaus Ampler (GER)
1970 Germany Grabe, DieterDieter Grabe (GER)
1971 Germany Milde, MichaelMichael Milde (GER)
1972 Germany Schiffner, MichaelMichael Schiffner (GER)
1973 Germany Schiffner, MichaelMichael Schiffner (GER)
1974 Germany Lotzsch, WolfgangWolfgang Lötzsch (GER)
1975 Germany Sanftleben, EberhardEberhard Sanftleben (GER)
1976 Belgium Stehen, Andre Van DeAndré Van de Stehen (BEL)
1977 Germany Hartnick, Hans-JoachimHans-Joachim Hartnick (GER)
1978 Germany Bonisch, DetlefDetlef Bönisch (GER)
1979 Germany Schippel, Hans-JoachimHans-Joachim Schippel (GER)
1980 Germany Kohler, JorgJörg Köhler (GER)
1981 Germany Straubel, BodoBodo Straubel (GER)
1982 Soviet Union Kriwoschejew, NikolaiNikolai Kriwoschejew (URS)
1983 Germany Lotzsch, WolfgangWolfgang Lötzsch (GER)
1984 Germany Straubel, BodoBodo Straubel (GER)
1985 Germany Karrass, FrankFrank Karraß (GER)
1986 Germany Raab, UweUwe Raab (GER)
1987 Germany Ludwig, OlafOlaf Ludwig (GER)
1988 Germany Lopanow, AlexanderAlexander Lopanow (GER)
1989 Germany Stoltze, UweUwe Stoltze (GER)
1990 Germany Merkel, OlafOlaf Merkel (GER)
1991 Germany Augustin, FrankFrank Augustin (GER)
1992 Germany Augustin, FrankFrank Augustin (GER)
1993 Germany Schaffrath, JanJan Schaffrath (GER)
1994 Germany Müller, MartinMartin Müller (GER)
1995 Germany Bernutz, HagenHagen Bernutz (GER)
1996 Germany Augustin, FrankFrank Augustin (GER)
1997 Germany Zabel, ErikErik Zabel (GER)
1998 Germany Ullrich, JanJan Ullrich (GER)
1999 Germany Lehmann, LutzLutz Lehmann (GER)
2000 Germany Radochla, SteffenSteffen Radochla (GER)
2008 Germany Bartko, RobertRobert Bartko (GER)