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A runner is a person who runs.

Runner may also refer to:

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  • Any of several fishes of the family Carangidae called runners
  • Stolon, an aerial shoot from a plant with the ability to produce adventitious roots and new clones, often called a runner


  • George Runner, California Board of Equalization member and former State Senator (and husband of Sharon Runner)
  • Sharon Runner, California State Senator (and wife of George Runner)


  • Athletic shoe, footwear primarily designed for sports or other forms of physical exercise
  • Baserunner, an offensive player in baseball who has successfully reached at least first base
  • Runner (cricket), a player who runs for an injured batsman
  • Sling (climbing equipment), climbing equipment consisting of a tied or sewn loop of webbing that can be wrapped around a rock
  • An employee of a sports agent, usually responsible for scouting and befriending potential future clients


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