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Ruth Bachhuber Doyle (October 14, 1916 – May 6, 2006) was a Wisconsin politician and educator.[1]

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1916, Doyle was elected to the Wisconsin State Assembly, as a Democrat from Dane County, Wisconsin, serving from 1949-1953.[2]

She was the first woman from Dane County to be elected to the Wisconsin State Assembly.[3] She became the fourth generation of her family to serve in the Wisconsin State Assembly following her father, Frank E. Bachhuber, grandfather, Andrew Bachhuber, and great-grandfather, Max Bachhuber.[4][5] Ruth Bachhuber was married to United States federal judge James Edward Doyle. Jim Doyle, the former Governor of Wisconsin, was their son.

She died in Madison, Wisconsin on May 6, 2006, aged 89.[6]


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