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Ruth Clark (Woodcraft name: Minobi, meaning Glad Heart)[1] (29 November 1899 – 2 October 1964) was the author of the first woodcraft book for girls[2] and an active original member of the Kibbo Kift.[3]

Clark authored and illustrated Camp Fire Training for Girls, the first woodcraft book for girls.[4][5] Published in 1919, it had a foreword by Lady Baden-Powell.[6]

Clark was a member of the Camp Fire Girls movement as a girl. She was the leader of The Merrie Campers group of woodcraft girls.[1] She was a co-founder of the Kibbo Kift and incorporated her girls into it, but was not involved in the Green Shirt Movement for Social Credit.[7]

Clark was born in Sunderland. She married John Hargrave on 28 November 1919.[8][9] They had one son, Ivan Gordon Hargrave (1920–1992). Clark and Hargrave "parted company"[4] in the early 1930s and were divorced in the 1950s.[10] She died in Scarborough in 1964.

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