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Ryen McPherson
Born Ryan Edward McPherson
(1983-07-04) July 4, 1983 (age 35)
Nationality American
Occupation Film director, producer
Years active 1999–present
Notable work Bumfights, Indecline Volume 1: It's Worse Than You Think
Home town La Mesa, California
Website http://www.stabtheprincess.com

Ryen McPherson (born Ryan Edward McPherson) is best known as being a founding member of activist collective INDECLINE and creative director of an award-winning creative agency in Las Vegas, Nevada.[1][2][3][4] McPherson first came into the public eye after the creation of Bumfights, a film produced by INDECLINE, which featured high school fights caught on tape and homeless men (most notably Rufus Hannah and Donnie Brennan) attempting amateur stunts.[5]


Bumfights Vol. 1 – Cause For Concern (2002)[edit]

At the age of 13, McPherson was introduced to Rufus Hannah and Donnie Brennan, two local homeless men living on the streets of La Mesa, California. Rufus was known locally as the "Stunt Bum" and was frequently seen performing amateur stunts in a park close to McPherson's school. McPherson was told of Rufus' stunts and shortly thereafter formed a relationship with him, documenting Rufus and Donnie's day to day life as well as the various stunts performed by Rufus, that up until meeting McPherson, had been performed exclusively for the enjoyment of the local high school students and police. These stunts were performed without incentive, monetary compensation or coaxing. After witnessing them himself and spending a considerable amount of time getting to know Rufus, McPherson set out to capture a side of the homeless lifestyle that very few residents of his suburb were aware of. This early video footage would later be used in the first installment of the Bumfights video series. Volume 1 would be titled: "Bumfights: A Cause for Concern".

In 2001, the 56-minute film, Bumfights Vol. 1 – Cause For Concern, was released on DVD, produced by McPherson, along with his friends Zachary Bubeck, Daniel J. Tanner, and Michael Slyman.[6]

All those involved in the creation of Bumfights were arrested for various charges after a friend of Rufus and Donnie persuaded them to sue. In 2003, McPherson was sentenced to 280 hours of community service at a homeless shelter. In 2006, the San Diego court system denied an appeal for a second time against jail time from McPherson, after McPherson failed to complete the community service.[7]

INDECLINE: Vol. 1 "It's Worse Than You Think" (2005)[edit]

Four years after the release of the first volume of Bumfights, McPherson and his INDECLINE team released 'INDECLINE: Vol. 1 "It's Worse Than You Think"', a video that strayed away from showing their relationship with the homeless. Instead, the focus of the video is mainly graffiti, street crime, people with mental disabilities and skateboarding segments, with heavy anti-establishment and anti-capitalist overtones. The DVD was released in 2005 and came with an INDECLINE stencil.[8]

Shoot to Kill Media, aka Critical Focus (2010)[edit]

In 2010, McPherson founded a creative agency and production company in Nevada. Under the name, Shoot to Kill Media, McPherson directed music videos for performers including Dirty Hooks and commercials for companies such as STK steakhouse at the Cosmopolitan Hotel.[9][10] In 2014, the company changed its name to Critical Focus and produced an award-winning viral video for the Life Is Beautiful music and art festival.[11]

Legal issues[edit]


In November 2014, McPherson and his Bumfights co-creator Daniel Tanner were questioned by Thai police, before being released without charge, after trying to post human remains back to the US.[12][13][14] On November 18, 2014, a warrant was issued for McPherson's arrest. McPherson and Tanner immediately left for Cambodia, and subsequently returned to the US.[15]


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